This post is a short note to say THANK YOU to my colleagues, now ex-colleagues, for the good time we had in last 4 years at Telenor Pakistan, as you might already know, dear reader, that I have just left Telenor Pakistan.
Overall I enjoyed working in Telenor and if I look back I see some good legacy of my contributions in Human Resource Management System, Payroll, Telcom Value Added Services, Mobile Apps etc. I learned a lot about software engineering in particularly web development and challenges of large enterprise.
Beside work, I am leaving with remarkable memories of fun time we had.
And I got plenty of opportunity to present in front of co-workers, at times forcefully 😉
I wish Telenor Pakistan a bright and successful time ahead.
So thank you to every single one of you who have worked with me and helped me throughout my time at Telenor Pakistan and special thanks to leaders around me who believed in my potential and have invested time/resources for providing me significant exposure, education and experience.
Please stay in touch, follow your dreams, do what you are passionate for, go for continuous improvement and above all enjoy your life!

P.S. I will talk about my next employer in upcoming post.


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