I have recently returned back from USA after attending Microsoft MVP Summit 2011. The MVP Summit, an event hosted by Microsoft, provides a great platform for Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) to connect with each other and with Microsoft Product Groups. It is always exciting and interesting to attend summit and getting updates on Microsoft Product roadmaps and future improvements. The overall summit lasted for 3 days which I have summarized below.

Day 1 – Developer Day

The day started with Developer Day kick off session by Scott Guthrie and Jason Zander, where they demonstrated the overall direction and future work of Microsoft development tools and platform including ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Silverlight, C#, Compiler as a Service etc.

Exciting thing was that I got opportunity to meet technology gurus such as Jeffrey Richter, author of famous book CLR via C#, Scott Gu, I guess every .NET developer know him.

Developer Day - Kickoff SessionJeffrey Richter - Author of CLR via C#With ScottGuC# Program Managers

Day 2 – Keynotes

Day 2 starts with the keynote from Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discussing the focus of Microsoft company. This keynote was following by keynotes from Toby Richards and Ron Markezich. Listening to Steve Ballmer was really fun but rest of the keynotes were kind of boring to me.

Steve Ballmer - Keynote "Our Focus"Ron Markezich - Keynote "Future of Productivity"

Day 3 – Product Group Interaction

Day 3 was full of excitement and I really enjoyed that day because we had close focus group meetings with Product Teams which in my case were Visual Studio and C# team. Mostly, We had discussed on the possible improvements in the Visual Studio vNext, which we cant talk about it at the moment due to confidentiality. We also had opportunity to interact with C# Chief Architect “Anders Hejlsberg”.

Microsoft Campus ViewC# Architect - Anders

Overall It’s always good to attend the MVP summit which provides opportunity to build relationship with Microsoft Product teams, network with MVPs and provide feedback on Microsoft Products. I would like to thank Microsoft for awarding me “MVP Award” and providing such a nice opportunity to visit Microsoft Campus in Redmond, USA.

*Special thanks to people sending me email/tweet for feedback on Microsoft Products*

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