Last time we saw some new capabilities in VS 2010 due to the new WPF editor. We also saw about extensions in VS 2010. So let’s explore some more features of Visual Studio 2010, just for fun 🙂

One ordinary extension that you may like is Visual Studio Color Theme Editor. You can download this extension from Extension Manager (Tools –> Extension Manager). You can search it from online gallery.


Once you download and install it, VS will prompt you to restart and after that you will notice a Theme item in menu bar. What this extension allows you to do is to change the theme of Visual Studio either by selecting one of the pre-defined theme or customizing on your own one 🙂

I know, as a developer, you may not really care for Visual Studio colors 😉 but guess what? I want to share another feature with you, which I believe many people do not utilize really and that is Line Numbers in Text Editor. By default, Line numbers are not visible in your text editor. You can turn them on by selecting the option of Line Numbers in Option Window (Tools –> Options) as depict below:

Enabling Line numbers will help you in tracking especially when you refer to errors on particular line number in Error List Window.

Another great feature of VS 2010 IDE is the Call Hierarchy through which you can visualize all calls to and from a selected method. To view Call Hierarchy, Right click on a method or property and select “View Call Hierarchy” item.

Not only it shows all the methods and properties that Calls To and From the selected method but it also shows further options when you right click on any of the node such as “Go to Definition” etc.

This feature is really remarkable from the programmers’ perspective and I hope you will like it too!

That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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