Last week I had privileged to participate, as judge for software project competition, in TechElite and 2010. Both the events were wonderfully organized and I really appreciate the potential in our students.

TechElite 2010 – NED University

TechElite-Group (picture source: CIO Pakistan) TechElite 2010 was held on 29th April, 2010 at NED University of Engineering and Technology. There were 4 categories of competition:

  • Speed Programming
  • Software Modeling and Design
  • Network Management
  • Software Project Competition

TechElite has really gained popularity and level in just few years and it’s now considered among the top Inter-University competition, so hats off to NEDians and in particular students of CIS department. Another point worth to mention here is the decoration of the overall department was done by the creativity team and despite financial challenges the students have done a great job to brand their event. Also they take care of their guests well. However there were few areas in which they need to improve such as some delay in event timings or some mix of software cum hardware projects in software etc. Finally, I think the initiative of Software Modeling and Design competition is really really good because usually student don’t focus in this area which has its own importance.

Well done TechElite Team. 2010 – FAST – NUCES


The 11th All Pakistan Programming, Engineering and Business competition ‘ 2010’ was held on 1st and 2nd May, 2010 at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi. Following were the categories of competition:

  • Short Film and Animation
  • E-Zenith
  • I-Cube
  • Programming Competition
  • Software Competition
  • Gaming Competition
  • Hardware Competition
  • Circuit Design Competition
  • Network Design Competition
  • Innovative Business Idea is a well known All Pakistan Inter-University competition so usually the expectations are high and sometimes they meet and sometimes they don’t. Overall the event was good and I think most number of participants were in programming competitions.

One of the best part was the participation of school students in i-Cube competition in which they demonstrated their project ideas and I think ProCom team needs to give further attention in order to make this category a great one. Another good thing was the participation from deaf and dumb school in software competition. Everyone appreciated their participation and efforts which was indeed a source of inspiration for all of us. However participation in software competition was not as per expectations on which I think future ProCom team must give attention to. Overall the program was fantastic, Thumbs up to Fastians.

These type of events are really encourage and motivate students to share their ideas and projects plus it also acts as interaction point of students with Industry.

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Anonymous · May 3, 2010 at 7:18 pm

Thanx a lot for the encouraging comments. It was nice meeting you personally. Thank you again.
Umair Ansari
Head, Programming Competition

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