Day 4 was the last day of the Summit, I wonder how fast these days passed by. But the good thing about day 4 was that we had free time to hang out with other MVPs and to get out of the hotel and campus (H) after 3 PM.

In the morning, we attended some great keynotes specially the one by Satya Nadella, Senior Vice President – Research and Development – Online Services Division, talking about some of the advancement in Bing.

Around 4 PM, I along with Hammad Rajjoub and Munir Usman decided to downtown to Bellevue and to Bellevue Mall as well.

Munir and Hammad Microsoft Office in Bellevue Adil with good looking trees

At 7 PM, some of the MEA MVPs gathered at the reception along with Ruari Plint, MVP Lead, to spend some time together and have a light dinner as well. We also discussed how we can effectively organize events and connecting them throughout the MEA region.

MEA MVPs IMG_1188 Post Dinner

It was really nice to meet other MVPs and glad to have dinner sponsored by Ruari 😉 So the summit was over and I would like to thank Microsoft for organizing the event and MVPs making this summit a good time.

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