Day 3 was almost the same like Day 2, the deep dive learning and feedback sessions were scheduled at Microsoft Campus, Redmond. But in day 3, I attended few sessions other than of my core expertise and so I attended a morning session at 9 AM with ASP.NET Team on Microsoft Ajax library and its future in “Common Building”. Scott hanselman was also present in the session 🙂 The session was good and Stephen Walther shared some of the demos for Ajax library and we talk about jQuery integration as well. The session ended and then I moved to some C# sessions in Building 92 that includes some secret sessions as well 🙂

Free drinks On Day 3, we did some shopping from Microsoft store as well and I bought some stuff for User Group events. Plus I can’t forget the free drinks at Microsoft campus.

As the day 3 ends, the closing session begins with Program Managers from different teams to conclude what we, MVPs and Microsoft folks, shared with each other w.r.t. C# as a language, IDE, CLR and Community.

In the evening, an attendee party was organized, enjoyed playing bowling with other MVPs

One thing I would appreciate and like to mention about it is that as MVPs are very passionate about providing feedback for improvements at the same time Microsoft folks are really very keen and interested in listening to MVPs. They not only just listen to MVPs, they also execute the feedback provided and I believe that makes a strong bond between MVPs and Microsoft.

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Anonymous · February 27, 2010 at 5:45 am

Salam adil bhai kaisay hai ap? Congrax to be MVP
i m from KU dcs 2009 BATCH passout i need valueable suggestions from ur side ..

syed raza haider

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