Day 2 was something important and tightly scheduled with several sessions, we were suppose to catch Shuttle from hotel by max 8:30 AM to reach Microsoft Campus, Redmond. So we woke up early in the morning, had breakfast and left the hotel by 8:15 AM. Being Visual C# MVP, I was suppose to attend the Deep Dive sessions by C# team which held in Building 92 at Microsoft Campus in Redmond.

Munir Adil

The day started with the welcome session for C# and VB MVPs and then C# MVPs were distributed in 3 groups to attend several interactive sessions rest of the day with C# language team, IDE team, CLR team, C# community team etc

List of New MVPs Mads (C# Language PM)Eric Lippert and Adil

At the end of day, we had “Product group evening event” providing an opportunity to MVPs to have some time meeting with Product team of their respective expertise.

Overall second day was quite busy and loaded with technical discussions. I really enjoyed the first two days and I hope other MVPs must have been enjoyed as well.

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Anonymous · February 18, 2010 at 2:25 pm

Keep it up 🙂


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