Year 2009 was pretty much exciting for me and I achieved many things I was passionate about and wanted to accomplish.

I would also like to thank for many people around me, as they support me in achieving some of my dreams. First and foremost my Family, they supported me throughout my academic and professional life. My friends, who gave me confidence at many stages of my life. Few Microsoft MVPs Rizwan Ahmed, Wajahat Abbas, Ali Raza Shaikh, Hammad Rajjoub and Munir Usman, they really gave me inspiration and supported me in online and offline activities.

So here are some highlights from 2009:

and yet more to come in 2010.

Some most visited blog post/tags in 2009

Again, I would like to thank all of you for supporting me in any manner and I hope and pray that year 2010 will bring more excitement, peace, health, happiness and prosperity.

– Adil Ahmed Mughal

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