I will be hosting Windows 7 House Party at my home on 25th October. I have invited few of my friends and active community people in Karachi, Pakistan. This is an informal event and we will discuss some of the exciting features of Windows 7 🙂

I have received Windows 7 Party Pack from House Party and Microsoft. In that pack I got Windows 7 Signature edition and some other goodies 😀

Obviously, I have invited very limited number of people due to limitation of space and ;p at my house 🙂 But, just to inform you, if you are really looking forward to see some exciting features of Windows 7 we will be organizing a Windows 7 Launch event at the User Group level which will be open for all the PCs! 😉

Thanks! Looking forward to see you all in the upcoming Windows 7 Launch events!


shahzaib khan · October 24, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Me An absent Member of Devnext Team.. 🙁 because of NED Studies. Did not came @ ur last 2 Events… I am Shahzaib Khan From NED University, User Group Leader Class mate. Would Surely Love to Come on this Event, Please do announce the Date…

Fahad Ali · October 24, 2009 at 5:06 pm

gr8!! w8ing for User group meeting and Windows 7 launch there..!!

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