Event Summary: Session on Silverlight at NED

Today, 20th August ’09, I delivered a session on Silverlight at NED University of Engineering and Technology. The event was organized by Microsoft Student Partner “Faraz” in collaboration with Microsoft Community Pakistan. The event was titled as “Silverlight, An overview” was attended by around 50 students majority of them were enrolled in BCIT program. The session provided students an overview of Silverlight and Expression Blend.

I would like to thank every single student for attending the session, I really enjoyed today and it was my honor to be at one of the finest University of Pakistan and I must appreciate the interest of students as well.

Following was the overall agenda of the session:

  • Background
  • Introduction to Silverlight
  • XAML & Hello World Demo
  • Expression Blend
  • Animations
  • Style and Control Templates – Demo
  • Media Support

The session begin with discussion on the User Experience and why we need Silverlight? Followed by the introduction of Silverlight and it’s version history, along with the benefits of Silverlight as compared to earlier technologies.

The students were demonstrated Silverlight project structure and a basic Hello World application using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Silverlight tools for Visual Studio. We also had some discussion on Silverlight architecture and classes that are available in Silverlight. We also saw the shapes and animation in Silverlight and how Expression blend helps us generating XAML. Finally we saw how Silverlight provides look-less controls and the way Control Templates and Styles provides us flexibility to give control a complete custom look and feel.

Once again, Thank you to those who attended the event and Thank you NED, Microsoft Student Partner (NED) and Microsoft Community Pakistan for inviting me and providing me an opportunity to speak on Silverlight 🙂

Those who attended the session, please take out few minutes to fill the feedback form here.


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