As many of you know that I’m leading INETA User Group,  “Emerging .NET Devs” and I was quite busy and active in arranging events, meetings, communicating with sponsors, and prizes or giveaways for the members on behalf of User Group. Yes the User Group is growing day by day and I got appreciation from many fellows and it’s going quite successful.

BUT yesterday there was a BANG!! Ali Raza Shaikh (MVP), User Group Leader of DevNext, asked me to lead DevNext as well! because since while he was looking for someone to replace him and I think for leading user group, one must be really passionate about it 🙂 Perhaps he found me currently the most active or suitable in the community [this is just self appreciation 😉 he didn’t say something like that]. So I replied to Ali that okay I will think of that 😉 as it’s really tough to manage two groups at the same time with full time job as well. Finally we decided that I will be the User Group Leader from now on and Ali will support as Founder 🙂

Though Emerging .NET Devs is really emerging day by day, we have now around 75+ members on Facebook but DevNext is really a big group having hundreds of members having bigger scope than Emerging .NET Devs.

You can directly read the announcement from Ali here.

Hopefully it will be fun leading TWO User Groups and I look forward to meet all the volunteers of DevNext and Emerging .NET Devs for collaboration and organizing events keeping our vision in mind.

“Dissemination of information through knowledge sharing sessions and to enable the developers’ community to collaborate with each other”

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