Attending Microsoft MVP Summit 2013

Hi Folks,Just excited to share that I will be attending Microsoft MVP Summit 2013 next week in Bellevue and Redmond. The summit is a multi-day event and comprises of technical deep dive sessions with product teams along with variety of networking opportunities.  This would be my third time attending the MVP Summit, previously attended in … Continue reading “Attending Microsoft MVP Summit 2013”

Visual Studio 11 IDE Improvements

This is second post of the Dev11 series. If you have not installed preview bits, you may like to read my previous post on “Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview”. In this post, I am going to share some of the improvements in Visual Studio 11 IDE. //Disclaimer #1: This post is written for Developer Preview … Continue reading “Visual Studio 11 IDE Improvements”

Year 2010

wow! What a year. 2010 was really tremendous year with great memories, remarkable achievements and significant experience Alhamdulillah. I wonder time passed so fast, I remember writing Year 2009 highlights as well. HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2010: I was promoted twice this year in my career at Telenor. First from Development Officer to Executive and very recently … Continue reading “Year 2010”

Microsoft Ajax Minifier

One good thing I came across at the Microsoft MVP Summit is that Microsoft released Ajax Minifier, a tool to compress the size of Javascript (.JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (.CSS) files. Later I found a Scott Gu post on it. The Microsoft Ajax Minifier is a small tool to remove unnecessary content from your … Continue reading “Microsoft Ajax Minifier”